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gender trouble


16:00 - 17:30

hugo x tibiriçá

no pronouns / Hugo

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we all know already what gender is - by experiencing our own gender ourselves, (mis-)gendering or being (mis-)gendered by others. and we can discover a lot about gender by being in relation and connection with others too.

this workshop is an intentional space for everyone with the desire or curiosity to come together, explore and share some aspects of their own gender journeys and experiences - as well as some of their questions and uncertainties too, through conversations with one another, embodied exercises, imagination and games.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

hugo x tibiriçá

i am hugo x tibiriçá (no pronouns / they / them), a queer artist and somatic therapist born in rio de janeiro, brazil. in 2021 i received support from the fonds darstellende künste and kampnagel hamburg for the development of an art-research project titled "queering up masculinities", which inspired the creation of this workshop.

instagram @hugoxtibirica

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