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Evidence, artifacts, heirlooms: private and public stories


16:00 - 17:30

Tony Whitfield & Hugh Ryan



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Historian, Hugh Ryan and Artist Tony Whitfield invite a discussion of the ways in which the stories of queer lives are preserved, recorded and presented to others in our private lives, our community and diverse publics. As we confront new strategies that threaten to oppress lgbtqi+ lives and obliterate queer histories, this session will focus on ways in which we can and do preserve, protect and represent the narratives we construct about who we are.

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Tony Whitfield & Hugh Ryan

Hugh Ryan is a historian, curator, and author, whose work focuses on the intersection of queer history and urban studies. His first book, WHEN BROOKLYN WAS QUEER, was a finalist for the Randy Shilts and Lambda Literary Awards. His next book, THE WOMEN'S HOUSE OF DETENTION (forthcoming May 10), explores the queer history of the infamous women's prison that was once located in Greenwich Village.

Tony Whitfield is a multi-media artist, designer, educator and occasional curator whose works have been shown and collected in the US, France, Italy,Germany, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Japan. Professor Emeritus at Parsons School of Design, he has taught at numerous art and design schools in the US and abroad and held leadership positions in NYC’s arts organizations and government.

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