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The revealing-self—expanding a field of perception and transformation


16:00 - 17:30

Michael Rolnick


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“Art is sort of an experimental station in which one tries out living” John Cage

Through a series of questions and blind drawings we challenge and interrogate pre-conceived notions about how we see and feel about ourselves and others. No special skills required: open to all. Consensual touch. Nudity/partial nudity required.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Michael Rolnick

Michael was born in London where he trained as a dancer at The Royal Ballet Schools.
His dance credits include work with Northern Ballet Theatre, Scottish Ballet, The Lindsay Kemp Company, AMP and numerous others.
Michael also works as a choreographer and makes visual art.
He currently gives one-to-one bodywork sessions of Pilates, Gyrotonic®/Gyrokinesis®, Biodynamic craniosacral therapy and Thai Yoga Massage, as well as holding creative spaces as a choreographer and workshop leader.

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