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The war and us


11:00 - 12:30

Kai Ehrhardt

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While we are here in Berlin, mostly safe and warm and well-fed, enjoying ourselves at Stretch Festival, there is a war happening elsewhere in Europe. Following the events in Ukraine in the past weeks has brought up a lot for many of us – shock, fear, anger, helplessness, insecurity, disorientation; the need to deal with these feelings and perhaps to get active and do something. Inspired by the Buddhist practice of Tonglen, we will explore a way to transform difficult emotions while supporting our ability to take action in the ways available to us - individually or as a community.

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Kai Ehrhardt

Kai is a breath therapist based on Prof. Ilse Middendorf's work, a Continuum teacher, holds the German Heilpraktiker license for psychotherapy and co-founded the Somatic Academy of Berlin. He created Authentic Eros - Explorations for Men & For and Beyond all Genders and curates the STRETCH and the BODY IQ festivals.
In 2016 he initiated a new Community Center in Berlin called Village. He believes that the conscious body and the reclaiming of Eros are crucial elements in our evolution toward an integral way of life. Kai teaches since 2002 in Europe and in the US.

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