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It's in their kiss


16:00 - 17:30

Vanasay Khamphommala


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From fairy tales to art to Hollywood to porn, kisses are everywhere — often much less so in our private lives (without even mentioning covid). What do you like to kiss ? How do you like to kiss and be kissed ? In this workshop, which includes both theory and practice, we will reflect on kisses as a natural, cultural, historical, political and erotic practice, before warming up (not just our lips and tongues) to explore new kissing possibilities. This workshop will have a strong focus on consent, and include no nudity.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Vanasay Khamphommala

Vanasay Khamphommala is a French-Lao dramaturg and performer who trained as a musician (but found it too difficult) and an academic (but found it too competitive). They founded Lapsus chevelü in 2017 and develop a series of performances exploring European myths from a trans* and postcolonial perspective. Also, they’d like to kiss more.

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