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Bodylandscapes - a guided tour


he | they


18:00 - 19:30

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To describe our bodies we often use either medical, biological or kinky, saucy terms. We discuss boundaries, sensations and needs along these lines. Can we uncover another language to experience and talk about our body? Dig into poetic metaphors, embody elements? Find greenery, glaciers, lakes, and deserts within ourselves? In this workshop you will create a map of your bodylandscape and guide a mindful visitor through it. Let`s go on an expedition together!

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg


Kuem is a trained Sexological Bodyworker and Cranio-Sakral therapist who accompanies clients discovering their body and sensuality in one on one sessions as well as body centered workshops. Paramount for Kuem are curiosity, openness and commitment to the process.

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