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Deep play on the Open Floor

Bence Gáspár

he | him | ő


11:00 - 12:30

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The Open Floor is a space to resource ourselves, to connect with each other, to explore things that could be too risky ‘out there’. Our medium for that is the practice of moving freely and mindfully; staying in movement, observing sensations of the body. We don’t learn to dance – we dance to learn. Practicing meditation through movement – there’s some work included, and the likely reward of fun, freedom, and integration might be worth a try!

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Bence Gáspár

• Open Floor embodied mindfulness teacher, biologist • Berlin-based, from Budapest, Hungary • Studied economics, critical social theory, biology • PhD in Tübingen, Germany, in evolutionary ecology
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I weave critical social theory, evolutionary biology, and an ecological perspective into our shared embodied mindfulness practice, which is usually fun and focused at the same time. With a similarly broad musical palette, I aim to give space for an exploration through movement as diverse as possible.

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