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Empowered empaths

Jambo Truong

he | they


13:00 - 14:30

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Calling all empaths who have been empowering others and are soul searching for inspiration when it comes to our own energetic, emotional and professional hygiene. This workshop serves as self-bodywork and partner work to explore a plethora of ways to manage our own vibes and return to our organic nature of caring, holding and giving. Expect: meditations, pranayama, self bodywork and bodywork to others You will learn: about tools to manage what you read and what to do with it, tools to rekindle the spark of your own spirit for yourself and tools for energetic hygiene.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Jambo Truong

Jambo is a public speaker, practitioner of Classical East Asian Medicine, Forrest Yoga Guardian and Psychomagic Magician.
Jambo's teaching style is embodied, he priorities the practitioners experience to enable the learning process. Expect a real-talking, humorous and informative experience.

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