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Healing loneliness

David James

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16:00 - 17:30

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Neuroscientists say the human brain registers loneliness as a threat. Loneliness can be damaging not only to mental health but to physical health. In many ways, we are more connected than ever, but among the digitally connected, teen agers and young adults, loneliness nearly doubled in prevalence between 2012 and 2018. And now, we’ve all experienced two years of lockdown as well as realising that, for many, our lives centre around work vs around our relationships. What do we have to do to rebuild our meaningful connections to others?

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David James

David James began spiritual awareness joining Al-Anon in 1985, leading beginners’ sessions at the Manhattan Gay & Lesbian Community Centre. He later studied with Louise Hay, Bernie Siegel and Stephen Levine, and was a founding member of Cynthia O’Neil’s Friends In Deed. He feels so enriched working with the men at STRETCH, watching us all grow. He has also worked in the professional theatre for 50 years as a designer, a writer and a performer.

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