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Practices of being attentive

Dodi Espinosa

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13:00 - 14:30

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Workshop including a series of teachings on meditation, practices and principles to live a spiritual, compassionate and socially engaged life, towards a world where people are inspired to actively respond to our personal, social, environmental, and economic challenges. The program includes an introduction and a session of Zazen / Zen meditation, in the case of stretch I would like to emphasize the importance of building intimacy.

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Dodi Espinosa

Dodi Espinosa is an interdisciplinary artist who uses a wide variety of mediums to reflect on societal issues surrounding mental health, race, sexuality, identity, ecology, etc. Espinosa believes in the transformative power of art and casts a glance at historical and current issues focusing on healing and mindful practices, social awakening, and activism.
Over the last years Dodi has followed an arduous research on mindful and healing practices based on Yoga, Buddhism and Zen meditation.

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