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Rafael Medina

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Rafael Medina is a Brazilian photographer based in Berlin. With a background in Philosophy and Visual Arts, Rafael's work focuses on documenting nightlife and capturing portraits that celebrate sexuality and body positivity. He has participated in notable group exhibitions such as "Uncensored" and "DISCOnstruction," as well as the exhibition "Intimacy: Queer Art from Berlin and Beyond" at the Schwules Museum. Rafael's first solo show, titled "Skin Deep" was part of a three-month art residency carried out at Village/Instinct Berlin, where Rafael had the opportunity to delve deeper into his exploration of the lives and bodies of elderly gay men. This residency provided him with the time, space, and support to create a body of work that reflected his dedication.

Embracing analog photography, Rafael is captivated by the materiality of the medium and the unique qualities it imparts to his images. He explores the experimental possibilities that analog photography presents, pushing boundaries and venturing into multiple exposures to create visually captivating compositions.

Since 2017, Rafael has also been working as the official photographer of the Stretch Festival, where he has become the eyes and witness of the festival. His role allows him to intimately capture the vibrant and transformative experiences of the festival attendees, documenting moments of connection, self-expression, and exploration.

Through his artistic lens, Rafael seeks to capture the essence of LGBTQIA+ life, providing an intimate and heartfelt glimpse into the richness and diversity of his subjects' experiences.

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