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Dance theatre ritual the „Nelken-Reihe“ (carnation line) by Pina Bausch

Benjamin Block

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- queered up stretch festival version!

Pina was always one of my greatest inspirations and teachers. After her death, the "Nelken-Reihe" from her piece „Nelken“ from 1982, became a dance spectacle around the globe, honoring her oeuvre.
It consists of only 4 movements representing the 4 seasons.

It has always been my wish to create a queered up version - WITH YOU!
So let's get in drag (optional) and inhale, embody and enjoy this simple & ritualistic choreography together!
You can use this workshop to align yourself, open your senses, feeling your body and welcome the stretch-festival energies! No dance background needed!

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Benjamin Block

As a dancer, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy and expert in holistic bodywork, Benjamin is passionate about his lifelong research on embodiment, healing and personal growth & spirituality. Benjamin loves to support people to reconnect with the wisdom and potential of their bodies and hearts. He is co-owner of the "Studio for BodyAttention & Transformation" in Berlin, where he teaches individual sessions as well as various workshop formats.

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