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Face-slapping - relating softly

Noam Raz

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This workshop is about face-slapping - as a frame for gentle and very real communication. A frame for discovery, for cultivating physical awareness, intimacy and arousal. An opportunity to inquire - who am I when power is involved? And who do I want to be? We will approach all of that somatically, with many intermediate steps, pauses and approximations, heavily drawing on the Feldenkrais method. Never pushing through, letting comfort, ease and pleasure show us the way.

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Noam Raz

Noam Raz is a workshop facilitator, Feldenkrais practitioner and Family Constellation guide. He has trained and played with a variety of physical practices and approaches - Dance, Taiji, Meditation, Somatics, BDSM, Voicework and Parkour. Coming originally from the realm of Philosophy (Wittgenstein!) and Linguistics, attention to language and its workings is somehow always in the background.

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