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Stretch Gala Evening

Varun, Anton, Tomas, Andi



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We are thrilled to invite you to join us in celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Stretch Festival with a Gala Evening ! As we commemorate a decade of love, empowerment, and growth, we invite you to join us for a cozy night of joy, reflection, togetherness and connection.

Be mesmerized by captivating performances from No-Talented Stretchies who will showcase the richness and diversity of our community through dance, music, and more. Contact the Gala Queer Gala evening TEAM if you would like to perform or have ideas that would add to the sparkle of the evening.

We look forward to celebrating with you at the Stretch Festival 10th Anniversary Queer Gala Evening, where love, acceptance, and celebration know no bounds.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Varun, Anton, Tomas, Andi

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