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how rituals create community

jakob klaffs

he | him | they | them



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so many people living in western culture experience a sense of alienation and isolation on an everyday basis. in this workshop, we will explore the magic of rituals, why it was lost in western culture and how we can find it new again to strengthen our experience of community and find connection again. the workshop's approach to ritual is undogmatic, decolonial, trauma informed and based in artistic and somatic practice.

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jakob klaffs

I am Jakob Klaffs (he / him / they / them), a multi-disciplinary artist born and raised in and around Hamburg. Out of a sense of lack of ritual tradition and practice, growing up as a queer person in the flat lands of northern Germany, as well as a great fascination and attraction to it from a young age, i have long been involved with the subjects of ritual, performance, community and body-based practices. Through that I have always been looking at the shadow of european-western culture and what could be a way towards insight and integration
instagram: @jakobklaffs

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