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It’s Never Too Late To Join The Corps de Ballet - 10th Anniversary Special Edition

Michael Rolnick

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In this workshop we take pride in ourselves dancing as a team, (and also shining as individuals, no doubt...) discovering the joy, blood, sweat and yes, probably some tears aswell, as we undertake our task to create a world-class(?) Corp de Ballet in 90 minutes. N.B. If possible wearing something white (underwear will do!) Mental and physical stamina level required- high ( this is ballet darlings - it’s a kind of torture for the sake of beauty. If you’re more the voyeuristic sadistic type, you are also welcome to come and sit to watch the suffering.) It will all be worth it in the end…

Have we really been doing this for 10 years? Come on team- crack your hips open and get to the Barre…

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Michael Rolnick

Michael wurde in London geboren, wo er eine Ausbildung zum Tänzer an den Royal Ballet Schools absolvierte. Er tanzte unter anderem für das Northern Ballet Theatre, das Scottish Ballet, die Lindsay Kemp Company, AMP und zahlreiche andere. Michael arbeitet auch als Choreograf und macht bildende Kunst. Außerdem unterrichtet er Pilates, leitet einen monatlichen Kreativitätskurs bei We.are.Village: Queer Images und ist do-facilitator der AE-One-Year Training


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