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Love dance!

Daniel Linehan & Krzysztof Bierski

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In this magical musical playground, we dance through love’s different dimensions. Love for the World – to express gratitude for the gift of life, Love for the Self – to appreciate the beauty that we are, and Love for the Other – to connect and experience joy together. Inspired by love songs from across times and landscapes, and activating our passion to stretch and move, we shall honour our unique expressions of affection.

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Daniel Linehan & Krzysztof Bierski

My name is Daniel Linehan. I am a choreographer from Olympia, WA, USA, now based in Brussels, working as the artistic director of the dance company Hiatus. In my workshops, I love guiding participants in dance experiences and meditative experiences that connect us more deeply to our bodies and to our senses. In recent years I am also leading outdoor workshops that explore the connection of the body to the natural environment.

My name is Krzysztof. I am Wrocław-born, London-grown and Berlin-based. Trained in anthropology and media, I have been working as a researcher, lecturer, educator and coach. During long-term field research in South Asia, Europe and the Middle East I’ve been exploring how we respond to life challenges and move to stay well. Since 2010, I’ve been co-creating wellbeing education programmes focused on nature relatedness, contemplative and improvisational movement.

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