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Neuroqueering connections, neuroqueering intimacy

Paweł Świerczek

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There are many social norms built around human to human connections and intimacy. As queer people we all experience it and we reflect a lot on how heteronormativity affects our ways of being together. The great factor we often miss while questioning the norms is neuronormativity. How do our diverse cognitive styles affect ways we connect with others? What do we (need to?) mask in order to get close, cuddle, kiss, have sex? What will happen if we unmask our quirks, unique expressions and all the weirdness of our bodyminds? Can we do it together? In this workshop we will collectively neuroqueer connections and intimacy using tools of Authentic Relating with a strong emphasis on consent.

Neuroqueering is a practice of subverting your own neuronormative conditioning and embodying/experiencing neurodivergence as a form of queerness. You don't have to be neurodivergent to engage in neuroqueering.

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Paweł Świerczek

Paweł Świerczek – performer, producer, (neuro)queer activist, ADHD person. Since 2018 they run an interdisciplinary project and collective Śląsk Przegięty (Queer Silesia), which aims at narrating and performing queer archives from the Upper Silesia region and animating queer community in the city of Katowice (Poland). For a few years now Paweł has also been developing their own practice around vulnerability as a tool for peace through performances, giving workshops and facilitating open labs. They graduated from the Authentic Leadership Training at ART International and is facilitating workshops of Authentic Relating in Poland.


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