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Queer choir - harmonizing pop songs in community

Mario Mrazek

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This session aims to foster a space where individuals can immerse themselves in the joy of singing, learning, and harmonizing together. Through the exploration of popular music, vocal techniques, and the collective effort of learning a modern queer-pop anthem, participants will experience the exhilarating feeling of unity through music.
Discover the liberating potential of singing in community, celebrating the diversity of voices and the shared experience of creating harmonies that reflect the richness of queer identities within a welcoming and inclusive space.

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Mario Mrazek

Mario Mrazek is a queer and polyamorous singer, vocalcoach and choir conductor based in Vienna. He releases german pop songs as „Amiro", teaches voice for popular music at the University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna and is founder and conductor of his choir „Popchor Wien“.*

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