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Play as act of queer resistance

Notorious Pink

she | Goddess



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This session will explore play as antidote to the effects of oppression on the body, mind, and spirit. Life under capitalism makes demands on our human forms. Certain ways of moving, speaking, even thinking come with rewards, while others result in sanctions. Participants will use games from Augusto Boal’s “Arsenal of the Theater of the Oppressed” to exercise movement beyond the daily grind and towards collective liberation.

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Notorious Pink

Pink Flowers is a Black trans artist, pleasure activist and educator, whose work is rooted in ancient shamanic, African trickster, and Brazilian Joker traditions. Pink uses Theater of the Oppressed, Art of Hosting, Navajo Peacemaking and other anti-oppression techniques, as the foundation of her theater-making, mediation, problem-solving and group healing practices.

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