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Ritual play: pleasure beyond identities

Ayo Gry & Marijn Kuijper

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This workshop is going to challenge your attraction patterns by making a space for bodies to explore pleasure beyond identities. As trans people we have experienced the power of letting go of fixed ideas about (sexual) attraction. We invite you to play with: what happens if you let go of the idea of “having sex” and instead focus on experiencing pleasure with somebody? Can you find yourself being attracted to people and bodies that you didn't expect to be attracted to?

The workshop is structured in the form of ritualistic play in couples and groups, which leads us out of our everyday patterns. Nudity and arousal is welcomed but not expected. Everyone can participate in their own way. Please bring a towel or sheet.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Ayo Gry & Marijn Kuijper

Ayo Gry (they/he) is Berlin-based, from Denmark, pleasure positive (s)explorer, and art-collaborator. They work as a practitioner of embodied therapy with qualification in Sexological Bodywork, Mind/Body Therapy and Pantarei Approach. They co-founded Skinship_Berlin in 2020.

Marijn Kuijper (they) is a Dutch artist and educator on sexual health and gender identity. They are currently training to become a sexological bodyworker. They are queer, trans and non-binary and on a quest for exploring pleasure beyond gendered norms.

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