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Slow Romantic Disco

Jay Barry Matthews

all pronouns



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As queers we often didn't get to take the partner we wanted to our school disco, so lets reclaim it.
Together we will make space for the sensual, slow, soft and seductive in our lives together.
Using embodied practices: breath, meditation, touch and dance to create the disco landscape. Let's indulge love songs and slow moves with ourselves, in pairs and as a group.
This experience will be playful, deep and just cute babe.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Jay Barry Matthews

I have been creating and facilitating workshops for 7 years with queer people. My intention is to offer sober spaces where we can explore and grow together. Having community has been fundamental to my survival and I want to share resource.
As a Somatic coach and fitness instructor with a yoga background I focus on the power of our intentions. My project Drag Energy is a fabulous, playful experience about being authentic with self expression.

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