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Healing the inner child from minority stress

Nick Kientsch

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Hearing negative things about being gay/queer when you were a child or teen may have caused minority stress – the damaging impact of being judge and condemned for not fitting in with the majority culture. We’ll explore what minority stress is, how it was established in us through childhood experiences, how it plays out in our adult life and how to heel. We’ll share experiences, meditate to ground and centre and visualise meeting the inner child to bring them a message of love.

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Nick Kientsch

Nick started meditating daily 30 years ago as a student. After graduating he decided to focus on the spiritual path and joined a Buddhist commune for three years. In 1998 he ordained at a Buddhist monastery for 7 years in the Thai Forest Tradition of Ajhan Chah. Since coming to London in 2005 Nick set up the gay men’s mindfulness group in 2009 and teaches meditation to individuals and companies as well as offering massage and sacred intimacy work.

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