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The motion of emotion – You’re-A-Vision Edition

Tomi Paasonen

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This anniversary Stretch we will take The Motion of Emotion concept and give it a Eurovision Dance Camp twist. In this workshop we will go on a journey through holistic improvised embodied dance and movement using music as a key to unlock and express and process emotions, memories and mental states. This year’s edition will get a particularly campy shade through a curated selection of Eurovision songs throughout the decades. Get ready to dance your heart out to an eclectic selection of power ballads, ethno-pop bangers, Schlager pearls and the occasional odd silly jig in a roller coaster of themes to emote and guilty pleasures to enjoy. You and your body is enough, but if you feel inclined, feel free to bring costumes, props, hats, wigs, scarfs, wind machines to get you in the mood.

In the first half we delve into a meditative self-care session, melting and unlocking blockages and energising the body by focusing on the ear-brain-body connection and stimulating active listening. The themes of the songs create a dramaturgy for each one to go through as an individual with an invitation to, but no pressure to perform, as we’re all part of a group, which sometimes splits into pairs or smaller groups.

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Tomi Paasonen

Choreographer, Artistic Director and curator Tomi Paasonen’s international career as a ballet soloist ended abruptly due to an accident, which led him to create over 70 experimental eclectic stage productions over three decades. After working as a curator and Artistic Director 2013-2018 in Finland, he returned to the stage after 24 years of absence with a comeback solo trilogy, leading him now to close the circle by investigating his ballet roots from a queer and contemporary perspective.

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