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Embodied consent

Ayo Gry



11:00 - 12:30

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Consent is one of the founding values of Stretch Festival and of Village. Being aware of boundaries and expressing consent or non-consent are essential skills in life. By learning what we want to give and receive and how we like to be touched, we realise that consent is key to exploration and being in connection with other people. 

This workshop includes partner practices and we engage the body to experience what it feels to be in consent and how it feels on the edge of consent. We take time to reflect and learn how to communicate our desires and what might stand in the way for clear communication.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Ayo Gry

Ayo Gry (they/them or he) is a queer pleasure positive explorer, sexological bodyworker and mind/body therapist. They are co-founder of Skinship_Berlin - a touch based place for kinship, where they facilitate somatic journeys for individuals, couples and groups. He believes that cultivating a sense of belonging within ourselves, to each other and to nature is crucial for healing and growth.

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