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Massage à trois

Love Dragon & Pinto



18:00 - 19:30

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We will work together in trios, two people massaging, a third one receiving. The resulting massage is merely a byproduct, while at the heart of the workshop we will work on tuning into each other when giving a massage together. We will explore various modes of leadership and how we can draw inspiration from each other and our differences in backgrounds and levels of experience. Nudity is welcome, but not mandatory. Let's dance with our hands.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Love Dragon & Pinto

Lovedragon is a wandering soul without a permanent home, a dancer, a bodyworker and boardgame fanatic. He loves hosting playfight rituals and developped Rope Flow Meditation. Feel free to be invite him to your community if you are interested in him sharing his knowledge with you.

Pinto is a massage therapist from Rio de Janeiro. He has a natural balance of theoretical knowledge and empathic intuition when he is approaching his clients. He has been developing his techniques in touch and intimacy since he moved to London 4 years ago. He has been awarded the ITEC Diploma in the renowned London School of Massage. His motto is: Good Things Can’t Be Rushed.

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