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My lovers, human and beyond

David Bloom



18:00 - 19:30

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What if the Earth is not our “mother”, who gives unconditionally and can be taken for granted, but a LOVER with whom we co-create a mutually respectful erotic connection? In this workshop, we will work somatically, partly outside, and try to expand erotic Desires that emerge between human beings to include a sensuous, multi-directional relationship to non-human entities. In other words, we will cultivate a consensual erotic relationship with the world itself.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

David Bloom

David Bloom (he/him/his) is a choreographer, dancer, teacher, parent, filmmaker, pianist, bodyworker, and fermenting Jewish mystic. His work revolves around questions of Desire, Intimacy, Boundaries, Power Dynamics, Consent, as well as Cross-Pollination, Pleasure, Space, the Digestive System, Fermentation, Sourdough, Beauty, Breath, Time, Spirit, and Transformation.

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