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How to pick a (workshop) partner

Axel Nielsen



13:00 - 14:30

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What forms our patterns of attraction and can they change? With attraction I mean any kind of curiosity towards other humans and with change I mean having enough space to act out of something else than auto-pilot. My inspiration is the moment of “and now please find a partner” in workshops. I personally smell something on a spectrum from nervousness towards panic in the air, and I would like to investigate if this little moment can become graciously playful and potentially part of a bigger process of personal and political change.

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Axel Nielsen

Axel is a somatic therapist based in Berlin. He has a background in social justice and has mainly worked to improve acces to health care for transgender and non-binary people. Now he works with an embodied approach to therapy, to support people of all genders and sexualities to live embodied lives. He gives workshops regularly at Village and Skinship and is the co-curator of this stretch.

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