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Tools for self-fragilization

Paweł Świerczek

he/him or they/them


13:00 - 14:30

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‘Men should be tough’, they say. ‘Expressing vulnerability is a weakness’. But is it really? Vulnerability can be a strength that we can consciously use to relate and navigate the world. In this workshop we will explore self-fragilisation as a tool for connection, empowerment and peace. We will be embodying vulnerability and learning how being fragile can dismantle tension or even aggression. There will be some moving, some writing and… a little pillow fight.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Paweł Świerczek

Paweł Świerczek – performer, dramaturg, events producer, queer activist. In 2018 he funded the Śląsk Przegięty (Queer Silesia) collective which explores the queernes of Silesian culture and builds queer community in the city of Katowice (Poland). Since 2016 he dances contact improvisation, since 2018 he practices yoga. He explores movement, somatics and queerness by participating in workshops (including BMC, Feldenkrais Method, Circling/Authentic Relating) and through his own and collective works and performances.

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