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Self translated

Gal Naor

He, him, his


13:00 - 14:30

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The Self Translated workshop is an invitation to express and listen beyond words. Small groups will function as communal units, empowering each member by developing non-verbal understanding and physical trust relations. We will ride frequencies of sensuality within the boundaries of healing work. Sharpening our bodily listening, we will attentively meet each other's needs and emotions, express ourselves in our own sign language, and actively empower each other's storylines.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Gal Naor

Gal Naor is a Berlin-based Israeli/International Sign Language interpreter, theater maker, mind-body researcher, choreographer, and founder of The progressive wave GbR, a collaborative performance project founded in Berlin in 2014. Their approach to the performance world is based on the understanding that each body should dance in its unique way. Including a diverse range of performers, their work encourages the empowerment of queer identities.

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