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The touch I like

Zahiro Ji



13:00 - 14:30

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We start this workshop with some guided self touch and massage to get in contact with our bodies and the qualities of touch we give to ourselves
After this we pair up and receive a short guided massage from head to toe. Inspired by these possible ways of touch we stay in our couple and ask our partner to touch us specifically at different points of the body the way we fully like and enjoy it. Our partner has the freedom to agree or eventually modify the request in a way as close to what is best for both of you. This way we get in contact with our sensual needs and create moments of consent and contact, giving and receiving touch.

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Zahiro Ji

Zahiro Ji originally coming from contemporain dance is now mainly a Thai Massage practitioner/ fascilitator and natural path in Berlin, Germany. Offering bodywork and movement in various surrounding he loves to link both of them together to create new fields of exploration. In 2021 he taught a 12 classes series of Self Massage for the Village. He right now in his second of a three years training of „Somatic Experiencing (SE)“ , a body orientated trauma therapy.

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