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Touch and pleasure exploration for trans / non-binary and all gender-expansive folks

Skylar Haven



13:00 - 14:30

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A space for non-cis identified beings wanting to explore touch, pleasure and intimacy. We aim to create a space where your yes and no can be welcomed with gratitude. Nudity and genital touch will be welcomed but not required. This is an invitation to claim the right to define how we want our body to be seen, the words we want used for it and the right to experience the touch we want and co-create consensual moments of pleasure.

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Skylar Haven

Skylar (they/them), is based in The Netherlands and identifies as queer and trans non-binary. They support others in connecting to and harnessing the wisdom of their body.
Skylar is an embodiment coach, certified yoga therapist, sexological bodyworker and often works with people on topics related to their bodies, health/wellness and sex. They are the founder of Queer Somatics and Indie Tarot.

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