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Welcoming space for trans and non binary people

hugo x tibiriçá

they/no pronoun (use the name)


11:00 - 12:30

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this workshop is an intentional space for all trans- and non-binary people to come together, welcome ourselves and each other into the festival, and gather resources collectively - through embodied exercises, our own imaginations, rituals and playing games - that can support us to experience the entirely of stretch festival with a greater sense of safety, fun, pleasure and joy.

bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg
bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

hugo x tibiriçá

i am hugo x tibiriçá (no pronouns / they / them), a queer non-binary interdisciplinary artist, somatic practitioner and workshop facilitator born in rio de janeiro, brazil. i am currently a student of somatic experiencing (SE), a body-based approach to renegotiating and resolving trauma stored in the body.

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