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TOPic: a workshop about chests!

Harvey Rabbit & JC Dozal

He, Him & He, Him


16:00 - 17:30

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Cis or trans, we all have chests, and they are all unique. A huge topic for transmen is whether or not to get chest surgery. Some cis-men also have breasts, and choose to have breast reduction surgery. Trans or cis, breasts or not, we all have to confront societal pressures and beauty standards. Our chests inform our fashion choices, our self-image, and the choreography of our lives. They affect our movements through space and our feelings about ourselves and the world around us. In this workshop we will share are feelings about our own chests and attempt to embody a space where we accept, love and honor these parts of ourselves.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Harvey Rabbit & JC Dozal

JC Dozal is a cisoid male from Latin America, unregistered slut, polyfacetic aromantic with a background in anthropology and music. He also has breasts.

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