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Pain free inversion contortion & back bending from the front

Jonathan Nosan

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13:00 - 14:30

Village 1

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Explore new ranges of movement in BackBending through hip flexors, lower abs, and a breathing technique to create a safe and strong BodyBrain connection. We’ll take away fears of going backwards and upside down through strength and stretch in a fun and light energy—releasing your personal contortionist. Headstands, forearm stands, handstands, splits, backbends and free styling with the new found movement vocabularies will make up the Stretch Festivals contorture modifications.

All levels are welcome!

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Jonathan Nosan

Contortionist Jonathan Nosan has performed on Broadway, Lincoln Center, Films, and International Tours for the past 25 years. Originally on a PhD track in Japan, he then trained his flexibility in four years of circus school in London and San Francisco. 20 years of coaching internationally at Pole/Contortion Conventions, Yoga Studios, and Circus Schools he then created an online course to provide safe and comprehensive training for any student in the world.

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