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ANALI GOLDBERG bad taste musical strikes again

Anali Goldberg

She | They | Schnitzel


18:00 - 19:30

Village 3

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It is a crash course for all musical & bad taste lovers that would love to create a trashy musical in 90 min in a DIY practice. Bring the drama, your most ridiculous costumes wigs and ideas and let's make a musical out of it !!! Conducted by Neuköllns notorious Post drag queen ANALI GOLDBERG Something Jewish and Sexual.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Anali Goldberg

ANALI GOLDBERG is the most notable thing to emerge from the pastoral village of Tuch-Ass Heights since the discovery of their local delicacy, the dingleberry. As a professional storyteller specializing in Jewish, queer oral history, ANALI GOLDBERG has worked with such highly acclaimed companies and organisations as the Deutsche Theater, Volksbühne, RADIALSYSTEM, English Theatre, KAKE, and Overmorrow exhibition at wilde renate, Trashera Habait- Theatre . ANALI GOLDBERG has become an expert in blurring the line between fictive genealogy and autobiographical comedy; constructing epic, heteromorphic experiences THE BORSCHT BELT TRILOGY that have redefined the performance art genre and made audiences see aubergines in entirely new ways.


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