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Know yourself better through family constellations

Sertan Kiyan

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13:00 - 14:30

Village 3

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What if some topics in our lives go way back to the pregnancy. The technic I use, 'Intention Method' is aiming to reach and transform those early emotions.

We are all born with wishes and wants. However, along the way because of our parents, society, institutions, schooling, we may get separated from our own needs and wants. Come join us to encounter yourself in a more wholesome way.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Sertan Kiyan

My path crossed with Family Constellations in 2008. Since then it's been a big part of my life and eventually it became what I do. At the moment, I work with Intention Method developed by Prof Franz Ruppert. I had also chance to work with Bert Hellinger in 2011 in Armenia. Vivian Broughton, Cecilio Regojo are other practioners to mention. I studied Anthropology at Stockholm and Ljubljana University. I love reading and I wanna write someday.


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