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Help me help you help me - the intimate currents of consent

Jorge De Hoyos



11.00 - 12.30

Village 1

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In small exchanges with different partners, we will explore Giving, Receiving, Doing and Being Done To.
How can we express a desire; articulate a request; and accept a yes, a no or a modification of that request?

How can we be available to offer support and fulfillment of another’s desire in a way that reaffirms our own integrities? We will explore exchanges where giving can actually be a form of receiving and vice versa.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Jorge De Hoyos

Jorge De Hoyos is a freelance contemporary dancer, performer and performance maker from California, based in Berlin since 2012. Artists and teachers he’s worked with include San Francisco-based Sara Shelton Mann and Keith Hennessey as well as Berlin-based Meg Stuart, and Don Hanson for Bhakti Chi/Transforming Cellular Memory. Embodiment, spiritual development and sexuality are key factors that run through his work as an artist, teacher, writer, and sometimes bodyworker and sex worker.

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