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Integration space

Marco Astolfi

he | him


10:00 - 10:45

Village 2

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This 45 min session is created to arrive together in stillness and movement in order to co-regulate and tune-in for the day. There will be time to share with this group what you are bringing into the space, for example from your experiences so far as well as to set an intention for the day.

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Marco Astolfi

Marco Astolfi is a literature translator, a writer and a faerie from Italy. Based in Berlin, he co-hosts the Village Heart Circle for GBTQ men and the bi-monthly Book Club meetings. He’s a regular at the Creative Writing and can be found modelling occasionally for the Life Drawing Lessons. He attended the One Year Training in 2018 and facilitated the Cock O’Clock workshop at Easter Stretch 2019 and the Privates Talks at Stretch Imagine 2020.

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