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The great 24-hand massage carousel

Michael Rolnick

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13:00 - 14:30

Village 2

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In this workshop we will move, step by step, through a beautiful, naked, sensual, durational massage event. We seek to create an arena of non-attachment, where we serenely glide through a ‘car wash’ of sensuality, a space where we can can open ourselves to the pleasure of different roles, both giving and receiving sensual touch. Individual boundaries are indicated and observed as well as a commitment to support and be aware of the flow of energy within the group. Please note that for the majority of the workshop we will be standing and please bring a large towel.

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Michael Rolnick

Michael was born in London where he trained as a dancer at The Royal Ballet Schools.
His dance credits include work with Northern Ballet Theatre, Scottish Ballet, The Lindsay Kemp Company, AMP and numerous others.
Michael currently offers group classes and one-to-one bodywork sessions of Pilates, Gyrotonic®/Gyrokinesis®, Biodynamic craniosacral therapy and Thai Yoga Massage.
Michael is also a multi-disciplinary artist, who enjoys leading creative, exploratory spaces in support of group process.

@ michaelrolnick

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