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The motion of emotion

Tomi Paasonen

they | them


11:00 - 12:30

Village 3

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Start your day with a sensual awakening ritual, connecting your body and mind with emotions through music and movement. In the first half we delve blindfolded into a deep meditative self-care session, set to a hypnotising soundscape. Let’s melt, unlock blockages, vent and energise the body, the mind and the soul.

Blindfolded we stimulate listening, sensing, expand our breath, open our voices, sensitise our skin and dissolve our egos into a collective hive of love. As touch and consent comes into play, individual bodies meander into knotted bundles of interconnected movement, voice and breath.

In the 2nd half we playfully connect to the music of a curated soundtrack that takes us through a journey of different emotional states. Collectively and individually we process emotions through dancing to music to express different sentiments, ranging from loneliness, sexiness, confidence and feelings around romance.

Photo: Barbara Dietl

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Tomi Paasonen

Tomi Paasonen, is a choreographer, director and curator, born in Helsinki Finland. After his time as a ballet dancer in Hamburg, San Francisco and Chicago, he founded a multi-disciplinary dance theater and art production factory called KUNST-STOFF in San Francisco. In 2003 he moved to Berlin, where his dance, opera, video and photographic productions seamlessly combined fiction with documentary. After working as Artistic Director of a dance center in Finland for the last 5 years, and is currently both supporting other artists in their strives and continuing to grow the many artistic branches and activities that he is passionate about.

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