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Moving connections / moving out

Jochen Kleres



18:00 - 19:30

Village 2

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As the festival is nearing its end, this workshop offers a structured space to let the diverse facets of the festival experience come together and sink in. Using movement, dance and drawing with crayons we will search for ways to integrate the experience of the Stretch community, let it resonate through our moving bodies and prepare us for moving out of the festival bubble back into our everyday lives.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Jochen Kleres

Jochen is a sociologist and aspiring dance therapist. He's a certified healing practitioner for psychotherapy. He loves dancing improvisation dance (contact improvisation, instant composition, Gaga) and blowing the bassoon - an instrument aptly called fagott in many languages. At the Village he volunteers as one of the facilitators of the Queer Contact Improvisation Lab & Jam.

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