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Stretch into neurodiversity

Paweł Świerczek

he | they


18:00 - 19:30

Village 2

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This workshop will be a self-advocacy space and safer container for neurodivirgent folks (diagnosed, self-diagnosed or thinking they may be on the spectrum) to share their experiences with stretching, dating and relating.

Neurotypical people who would like to support this space and learn something about embodied neurodiversity are also more than welcome. Using tools of Authentic Relating we will share our stories, challenges we face in neuro typical queer world, our needs and wishes.

At the end, in a fun, half-serious way, together we will create some hints for neuro typical queers on how to behave when meeting/dating neuro divergent people.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Paweł Świerczek

Paweł Świerczek – performer, producer, queer activist living with ADHD. Since 2018 they run an interdisciplinary project and collective Śląsk Przegięty (Queer Silesia), which aims at narrating and performing queer archives from the Upper Silesia region and animating queer community in the city of Katowice (Poland). For a few years now Paweł has also been developing their own practice around vulnerability as a tool for peace through performances, giving workshops and facilitating open labs. They graduated from the Authentic Leadership Training at ART International and is facilitating workshops of Authentic Relating in Poland.

@ slaskprzegiety

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