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Omg! yasss queen!

Aviv Asis

they | them


16:00 - 17:30

Village 1

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Get ready for a Galactic Royal Activation! Together we will reveal the hidden magic we inherited from our spectacular queer lineage and embark on a profound empowering quest. We will connect to the spirit of Voguing, walk the runway of life, DANCE proudly and celebrate one another as Queens among Queens!

ALL are welcome 🌈
Optional dress code – Sexy Diva
*This is NOT an ordinary voguing class bitchssss

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Aviv Asis

A rich witch, radical faerie, love priestexx, and a diva in service of the universe. Researcher of Spiritual Awakening and Gender Fluidity.
Born and raised in Israel - Palestine. A gender-transcended Arab Jew.
Facilitating group and 1X1 self-expansion journeys. Developer of the Shamanic Voice Dialogue method - a ceremonial way to access and heal the Sacred Wound, while using deep listening, gentleness and radical acceptance of all of our inner selves.

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