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Queer spirit

Dabaco Sunset

he | they


18:00 - 19:30

Village 1

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Let go of how you think you should express yourself. This workshop creates a safe space to drop societal expectations and judgements. Allow curiosity to take the lead and move you. Exploring how it feels to be witnessed in your essence. Drawing on meditation, intuitive movement and sensuality Queer Spirit encourages participants to shake off their protective shell to let their soul shimmer. This is a playful and supportive celebration of authentic embodied expression.

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Dabaco Sunset

Alchemizing the world of creativity and somatic therapy, Dabaco is helping countless queer and curious folk discover a new paradigm of embodied liberation. Dabaco weaves together meditation techniques, intuitive movement and therapeutic tools to empower participants to explore their authentic expression, sensuality and sexuality. He is trained in Embodiment Counselling, Yin Yoga and is currently completing a post-grad in Gestalt Therapy.


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