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A ritual of queer touch

Benjamin Block



11:00 - 12:30

Village 3

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We need touch. The workshop facilitates an inclusive and safe space for mutual, consensual, non-sexual touch as a ritual of healing and support.

With open hearts and senses we will explore the qualities of touching and being touched – strengthening our queer embodiment, boundaries, freedom, trust in life & self love.

How can we listen with our whole body, our heart, hands and skin when we meet each other ?

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Benjamin Block

Born in Berlin, Benjamin holds a master's degree in dance.As a healing practitioner, facilitator for family-constellations, trainer for body-attention and expert in holistic bodywork he is passionate about his lifelong research of embodiment, health and personal growth. He loves to empower humans to reconnect to the wisdom and potential of their bodies & hearts.
He's a co-owner of “Studio for BodyAttention & Transformation” in Berlin, where he is teaching in 1:1 processes as well as in different workshop formats.

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