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Play the switch game - queering power dynamics

Jeremy Shub



13:00 - 14:30

Village 2

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Join us for a fun workshop, Play the Switch Game - Queering Power Dynamics. Embracing Kinky Top and Bottom Switching. Explore the creative world of power play positions. We will gently explore the art of switching between dominant and submissive roles within queer fields.

This inclusive and supportive workshop offers a safe space to celebrate and explore the fluidity of power within queer kinky dynamics.

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Jeremy Shub

Jeremy currently works as a Sex therapist, Sex educator, Sexological Bodyworker, Sex Relationship coach. They live in Berlin. They identify as polyamorous, slutty, sex worker, kinky, genderfluid and queer. Jeremy has university degrees in Education, Science, Creative Art and Sexual Health. They have facilitated many workshops on sexuality, relationships and pleasure.

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