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Welcoming ourselves, welcoming each other

Jo Koppe

he | they


11.00 - 12.30

Village 3

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As we cross the threshold from our everyday lives into the exciting, explorative (and at times possibly intense) Stretch bubble – let's be loving and gentle in this transition! We will take time to arrive, ground, and welcome ourselves and each other into our shared space. We will meditate, move, share, set intentions, cast a spell... And connect with tools that can help us navigate our experience. We will also form little „family groups“ that can become a first anchor as we dive deeper into the festival. If you are BIPoC, trans/nonbinary, identify as part of the „older“ generation, or are neurodivergent/have a disability/are dealing with health challenges, there will be an opportunity to connect with your fellow „siblings“ in a sharing group, if you wish.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Jo Koppe

Jo is a Berlin-based facilitator and somatic explorer. He has a background in dance, performance, sociology, gender studies and social justice education; he teaches the somatic movement practice Continuum and is working as a personal assistant for a person with a disability. Jo is white, German, able-bodied, neuro-divergent-ish, queer, and trans*, and is on an ongoing journey of weaving, integrating and sharing a broad variety of different practices and perspectives that help us connect more deeply with ourselves, each other and the more than human world.

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