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The whisper of weight

Yin Haolong

he | him


18:00 - 19:30

Village 3

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In this Contact Improvisation workshop, we explore encounter and relationship. How do we access ease and a total relaxed state? How do we arrive into deep intimacy? We explore body weight as a counter-weight to the festival social anxiety, and find layers of our erotic intelligence embedded in this weight. From language to the sensuous, we will meet each other, slower than slow, a whisper, an embrace, a dance, until total weight can give over. We will explore gravity as love that pulls two entities of weight into each other, and gravity as earth’s love to all weight on this planet.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Yin Haolong

Yin Haolong (He/Him) is a berlin-based dance artist and somatic bodyworker. He teaches yoga, dance and bodywork, with his nomadic school Stillness in Motion. He ponders recently, what if "who I am" in this bio is not a fixed identity, but an ongoing question with multifaceted answers in the process of asking this very question?

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