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Ballroom hystory and the essence of vogue fem

Ria Mermaid Saint Laurent

she | her


18:00 - 19:30

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In her courses she emphasizes the understanding of the Ballroom culture, musicality and the understanding of the own body. The knowledge about how to use the five elements and the essence of Vogue.

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Ria Mermaid Saint Laurent

Ria is know as one of the first FQs in Germany and for her main categories European Runway and Vogue Fem. She is part of the German Ballroom community since 2015. In the Major Scene Ria joined the House of Melody in 2017, now know as the Europen Chapter of the House of Saint Laurent.
Ria started dancing at the age of 8 in Hip Hop and later Dancehall and House. Later in 2015 she discovered Ballroom culture for her self. In August 2019 she moved from Düsseldorf to Berlin, where she is active as an artist in videos, magazines and festivals.

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